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Educational Trainers & Teaching Products

Educational Trainers & Didactic Products for Technical Training in Universities, Engineering Colleges, Vocational Schools & Polytechnics Institutes. Antenna Trainers, Satellite Trainers, RFID Trainer, GPS Trainer, Radar Trainer, Computer Interfacing Trainer, Instrumentation Trainers, Communication Trainers, LAN Trainer, VLSI Trainers, Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Interfaces Trainers, Electricity Trainer, Consumer Electronics Demonstration Trainers, Test and Measuring Instruments, Microwave Test Benches, Educational Trainers, Robotics Kits, Decade Boxes (R,L,C), Analog Lab, Digital Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Breadboards, Power Project Board, Circuit Lab Trainers, Physics Systems Training, Fibre Optics Trainers & Power Supplies.

Antenna Trainer Systems Antenna, Satellite, Radar Trainers

DidacticPC Based Manual Antenna Trainer
DidacticPC Based Manual Antenna Trainer
DidacticPC Based Motorized Antenna Trainer
DidacticSatellite Trainer
DidacticSatellite Communication Lab

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Microwave Test Bench Microwave Test Benches & Trainers

DidacticKlystron Microwave Test Bench-1
DidacticGunn Microwave Test Bench-2
DidacticGunn Microwave Test Bench-3 (Dielectric)
DidacticKlystron Microwave Test Bench-4 (Antenna)
DidacticKlystron Microwave Test Bench-5

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Analog Electronics Trainers Analog Electronics Trainers

DidacticT and Pie Circuit Trainer
DidacticRF (l-C) Oscillators (Hartley’s, Colpitt’s, Clapp’s)
DidacticSeries and Parallel Resonance
DidacticAnderson Bridge
DidacticPassive Filters (Constant-K, Low, High and Band M-derived Low & High)

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Bread Board Trainers Bread Board Trainers

DidacticDigital Lab
DidacticAnalog Lab
DidacticDigital Trainer
DidacticLogic Lab
DidacticDigital Lab Station

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Communication Trainers Communication Trainers

DidacticAmplitude Modulation and Demodulation
DidacticFrequency Modulation & Demodulation
DidacticPulse Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation (PAM)
DidacticPulse Width Modulation & Demodulation (PWM)
DidacticPulse Position Modulation & Demodulation (PPM)

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Consumer Electronics Trainers Consumer Electronics Trainers

DidacticTelephone Trainer
DidacticPA ( Public Address ) System Trainer
DidacticMobile Phone Trainer
DidacticCD/VCD Player Trainer
DidacticAM/ FM Radio Trainer

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Digital Electronics Trainer Digital Electronics Trainers

DidacticLogic Training Board on OR/NOR, AND/NAND, NOT/Buffer
DidacticLogic Training Board on Counters & Shift Registers
DidacticAnalog to Digital Converter (A to D)
DidacticDigital To Analog Converter (D to A)
DidacticBinary to Decimal Encoder

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	Educational Motors & Machines Trainers Educational Motors & Machines

DidacticDC Shunt Machines
DidacticDC Series Machines
DidacticDC Compound Machines
Didactic3Phase AC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Didactic1Ph AC Squirrel Induction Motor Cap. Start

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Fiber Optic Trainers Fiber Optic Trainers

DidacticFibre Optic Simplex Analogue Transceiver Trainer
DidacticFibre Optic Simplex Digital Transceiver Trainer
DidacticAdvanced Fibre Optic Analogue Transceiver Trainer
DidacticAdvanced Fibre Optic Digital Transceiver Trainer
DidacticFibre Optic Trainer for Numerical Aperature & Fibre Loss Measurement

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Instrumentation Lab Trainers Instrumentation Trainers

DidacticLinear Variable Differential Transducer (L.V.D.T) Trainer
DidacticMeasurement and Control Of Temperature Using RTD Transducer
DidacticLoad Cell Demonstrator
DidacticOptical Transducer Trainer
DidacticUltrasonic Digital Distance Meter

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Power Electronics Trainers Power Electronics Trainers

DidacticUniversal Motor Speed Control
DidacticStepper Motor Control Using IC SAA-1027
DidacticUJT Relaxation Oscillator
DidacticStudy of SCR and A.C. Phase Control
DidacticDV/DT Limitation of SCR’s

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Embedded / Microprocessor Trainers Embedded / Microprocessor Trainers

Didactic8085 Microprocessor Trainer
Didactic8086 Microprocessor Trainer
DidacticComputer Interface Trainer & Modules
Didactic8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit (LCD)
Didactic8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kit (LED)

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Robotic Kits & Trainers Robotic Kits / Trainers

Didactic6-Axis Robotics Trainer
DidacticRobotic Arm
DidacticLine Tracking Mouse (Light Sensor)
DidacticSound Reversing Car (Sound Sensor)
DidacticTurning Frog (Sound Sensor)

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Educational Trainers & Teaching Products - Technical Teaching Equipment. Electronic Educational Equipment. Didactic Equipment for Technical Training. Engineering Teaching Equipment. Equipment for Electronics Engineering Education. Educational Trainers, Antenna,Satellite,Radar,RF, Microwave Test Benches, Analog Electronics Trainer, Bread Board Trainers, Communication Trainers, Consumer Electronics Trainers, Digital Electronics Trainer, Educational Motors & Machines, Embedded / Microprocessor Trainers, Fiber Optic Trainers, Instrumentation Trainers, Power Electronics Trainers, Robotic Kits / Trainers, Hand Tools, IC Testers & Programmers, Soldering,DeSoldering Stations, Test, Measuring Instruments, Oscilloscopes, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Power Supplies, Decade Box (R, L, C), Variac / Dimmerstats.
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